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Calvin and Hobbes

We adopted two new puppies a few months ago.  Both came from our local Humane Societies.  I am a sucker for a mutt who needs a home.  I love their unique physical traits and personalities.  You never know what you will end up with when you adopt a mixed breed puppy.  I like the suspense and mystery of it all.

Calvin arrived a few days before Hobbes.  He was a big ball of black fluff. 


Calvin is sweet and easy going.  Except when he doesn’t get his way.  Then he is a total cry baby.

A few days after Calvin arrived, we went to pick up Hobbes.  I had signed up to adopt him, but had to wait until he was neutered before we could pick him up.  He captured my heart the first time I met him and he nuzzled his head on my tummy while hugging my arm.  As if to say, “Please take me home.  I’ll be good.”


Unfortunately, he was anything but good.  As soon as we got home and let him down, he turned into the Tasmanian devil.  He was a whirlwind of crazy.  He pounced everywhere, knocked stuff over, scratched up my kids, and scared Calvin.  I put him in his crate.  I watched as he sat there quietly.  I called my husband to tell him we had adopted a furry devil.  He said to give him some time to acclimate.  We let him out again and he was the same amount of crazy as before.  But I grabbed him up and held him in my arms.  I refused to let him go.  And you know what happened?  He relaxed into my arms.  He laid there contently.  He fell asleep.  And from that time forward, that’s all we have to do to calm him down.  He is a total lap dog and snuggler.  He is still a total spazz at times, but his sweetness makes up for it.

Now, they are six months old.  Calvin is no longer a ball of black fuzz.


He looks mean, but he is a total love.  He wags his whole butt when he is excited.  He runs and bumps his nose onto my leg as his greeting and kiss. 


Hobbes has settled down quite nicely.  He is still a ball of energy, but he also loves to burrow under my sheets to sleep or curl up on my tummy for a nap.

They are both such wonderful additions to our family. There’s no such thing as too much crazy at our house.  Our house is full of chaos, but doubly full of love.