A Disney Frozen Birthday Party

We went to see the Disney movie Frozen right when it came out.  It was every bit as good as I had heard it would be.  So it only made sense to have a Frozen themed birthday party my almost 6 year old. 

The most time intensive part of the party was making snowballs.  I bought a five pound bag of cotton used to stuff pillows.  I made hundreds of snowballs.  After getting them in shape, I sprayed each one with spray adhesive and let them dry.  This allowed them to keep their shape and we could throw them around like real snowballs. 


I took some of the snowballs and strung them up on invisible thread and hung them from the ceiling to create the look of falling snow. 


I used the leftover cotton to decorate the table for the cake.  I made it look like a snow covered mountain.  I used some blue clear rocks around the bottom of the mountain to make it look like a stream.  The cake went on the top of the mountain.


I bought a printable download off Etsy that included the invites and all the other labels and things I needed.  I also found this great link to some free printable downloads.

The food kept with the theme of the movie.  I dipped strawberries in vanilla almond bark and sprinkled with white glitter sprinkles to make Frozen hearts.


Carrots and ranch were labeled as Olaf’s noses.


Blue jello was called Kristoff’s ice.

Large marshmallows dipped in white almond bark and sprinkled with white glitter sprinkles made great snowballs.


Cheese balls made great Sven’s snacks.  This really had nothing to do with the movie, but I thought Sven looked like the kind of reindeer that would eat cheese balls and I thought the kids would like it.


We had bottle water that I labeled as melted snowman. 


I made the cake with a blue raspberry cake mix so it would be blue on the inside.  I used two mixes.  I made a sheet cake and then used mini cake pans to make the platforms for Elsa and Anna.  The trees are ice cream cones dipped in white almond bark and sprinkled with the white sprinkles.  I bought the figures at Target.  The blue icing was bought in a can that also came with different tips to use.  It was super easy to use. 


We played pin the nose on Olaf.  I printed out free coloring sheets of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff.  I bought lots of jewels and flowers and decorations to decorate bags that I bought 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.  I also found some door hangers to decorate. 


I planned for a treasure hunt, and throw the snowball in the buckets for points, but the kids enjoyed being outside playing with the horse, playing chasing games, and coloring with sidewalk chalk.  Since they were having a good time, I just nixed the other activities.


It was so much fun!  I think I enjoyed it as much as my daughter! 










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