DC Comics Halloween

I have no idea who is DC and who is Marvel, but my husband does. I have told him he may not want to be so proud of his knowledge of comic book characters. I wanted to have a theme for Halloween this year. Knowing that I had a Batman costume and Gabby wanted to be Wonder Woman, I decided on a super hero theme. My boys were pleased. My husband was beside himself with happiness. Except that he was adamant that we had to all be DC Comic characters. We could not be a mix of DC and Marvel because that would be weird. Ummm, OK.

I made Gabby’s Wonder Woman costume. I have a picture of me when I was her age dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween. I LOVED Wonder Woman when I was little. Gabby doesn’t really know much except that she liked her outfit. Nate has been Batman for at least two previous years. I try to get him to pick out something different, but he wants to stick with Batman. Of course, this year I wanted him to be Batman but didn’t realize the Batman costume would be a little snug on my Natie. An hour before we left for our Halloween festivities, we had to change his costume to a ninja.

I was Cat Woman. Mainly because it was easy. Dress in black and wear some cat ears. My husband was the Riddler. And Jay was Green Lantern.

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013


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