My Two Headed Green Thumb

I tried to plant a garden last year.  I bought the cheapest seeds and planted them.  I was so excited when plants actually grew.  Unfortunately, all my squash and zucchini plants only made leaves.  My radishes were bitter.  And pretty much nothing else grew. 

It was still exciting to try.  And even more exciting to watch something I planted grow.  Even if it really didn’t help with food for dinner.  I plan on trying again this year.

A few days ago, I went to inspect where I would plant my garden this year.  This is what a pulled up:

It’s a two-headed radish with a huge radish stalk.  From where the red radish stalk starts to the two round radishes end is about a foot long.  How did I even grow this?  Has it been growing since last year? 

Now I know I am capable of growing something.  Even if it’s a mutant.  Wonder what I’ll end up growing this year….a Virgin Mary faced squash….maybe a bell pepper that cries real tears.  The possibilities are endless.


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