Playing Beauty Shop

I loved playing dress up and beauty shop when I was little.  So it’s quite a thrill to have two kiddos that like playing it too.  Now, at least I don’t look so strange when I’m playing dress up by myself.

We started with hair and make up.  I tried to give Nate a Beiber do.  I think I need more practice.

Then manicures and pedicures.  Next was putting on some cute clothes and taking some “glamour shots”. 

Here’s Natie giving me his “model” pose.  I think he’s got potential.

Here’s is Gabby’s serious look:

It was a fun day full of smiles and giggles.  I love getting a second childhood through my kids.


2 responses to “Playing Beauty Shop

  1. I loved looking through your most recent posts and seeing how creative you are. WOW! My creativity flows in other directions and I’m in awe of people like you who can re-purpose and reconfigure things for such cool new uses.

    Great blog!


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