Another Tale from the Playground

My FIL and I took the kids to Burger King a couple of days ago.  Gabby is finally big enough to climb all the tall climbers and she loves keeping up with the boys.  She had been playing for a while when she came running to me upset that some little girl had pushed her.   I saw that the little girl and gone to sit with her family and I sent Gabby to go back to play. 

A minute later, I see Gabby yelling and pointing and heading towards the little girl’s table with her two big brothers behind her.  She was yelling, “That’s her!  That’s the girl that pushed me!”  Nate and Jay are right behind her, darting their eyes around the room and asking, “Where?  Where is she?”

I fortunately caught up with them before they confronted the 5 year old girl along with her mom and dad as well as some older siblings.  I told them that there was no need to confront her.  We would just keep an eye out when she got finished eating and came back to play.

I watched as the little girl came back to play, and laughed as I see Jay and Nate jump down from playing and surround Gabby….protecting her from this so called bully.  No other incidents occurred.

Gabby is pretty lucky to have two bodyguards at her disposal.  If only she knew just how lucky she is.   At least for now.  I’m not sure what she will do when she starts school and is minus her two body guards.  Hopefully, all the fighting with her brothers will toughen her enough to hold her own.


4 responses to “Another Tale from the Playground

  1. Wow, you handle this so much better than I ever would have. Im glad to have you in my corner. Especially Jay and Nate…. hope they’ve got my back! ;o)

    • To be totally honest, I can’t be sure what might have happened before the girl pushed Gabby. Gabby can be fiesty so there was a chance the girl was just trying to protect her space. But I’m very happy that Jay and Nate have her back!

  2. Wait until she’s old enough to wear a bikini! I feel sorry for any potential suitors! Such a cute, cute story.

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