Gabby’s Homemade Headboard

This is a picture of the headboard I made for Gabby’s room.  It is super easy.  Get a piece of plywood and cut to the dimensions that you would like the headboard.  Home Depot does this for free.  Wrap with foam (make sure it goes over the edges to the back).  Wrap with batting.  Then add desired fabric and staple to back of plywood.  Put hangers on the back and hang on the wall.  Voila….a headboard!! 

I also made headboards for the boys (with the wonderful help of my MIL).  I have great intentions of doing some more decorating and hopefully can post some pictures of their room soon.  At the rate I’m going, maybe I’ll finish before they graduate high school.


One response to “Gabby’s Homemade Headboard

  1. AWESOME! Is this style, “GABBY CHIC?” hahaha, okay, a little lame but I couldn’t resist! :o)

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