Standard Rules of Play

Today, I told Gabby it was nap time.  She decided that was not a good idea and proceded to pitch a very loud, crying fit.  I ignored her and went about getting things ready for her nap.  Then I realized it was really quiet.  And there was no Gabby in sight.  I looked around and saw an unusually placed blanket on the floor with a very still lump underneath.  Of course, it was Gabby hiding.  First rule of play:  If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

While Gabby was napping the boys were playing some type of imaginary war game complete with planes, cars, trains, space ships, etc.  I heard them talking about their secret, deathly weapon.  You know what is was?  Gabby Gas.  I guess they know it can be quite leathal.  Second rule of play (at least if you are a boy): Any bodily function is funny and is worth including in war games.

While the boys were playing, I listened to their game.  Jay would tell Nate that he had hit the left side of his ship with Nate’s imaginary bullet.  Then there were times where those same imaginary bullets missed the target.  How can they tell?  I mean, the bullets are invisible.  Third rule of play:  There must be lots of explaining while playing imaginary games.

And here’s one of my favorite stories about being at the playground.  I was watching Nate and Gabby playing at the playground.  There were also four older boys playing.  They were probably around 9 or so and were playing the usual chase, shoot em up boy games.  Natie had been watching them and when one of them passed by, he pointed his finger gun at him and said, “Freeze you with my freeze ray!”  The boy stopped in his tracks and gave Nate the most confused look.  Then he turned and yelled down to his friends, “Time out.  This little guy just froze me and I have to wait until he unfreezes me!”  Last rule of play:  All imaginary rules apply to everyone.


2 responses to “Standard Rules of Play

  1. HA! LOL funny.
    I love their imaginations. Don’t you wish you could bottle that stuff up? open the jar when you are like, oh say, Mid 30’s? ;o)

  2. The little boy actually freezing is the cutest thing I have heard. That was so sweet of him!!

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