Our Pet Turkey

I walked out of my back door to go jogging yesterday and this is what I saw:

We have wild turkeys in our neighborhood.  I see them pretty regularly this time of year.  I think they might be trying to lay low since Thanksgiving is coming up.  Probably think that hanging out in backyards is less dangerous.  I swear the other day I was jogging and I looked into the horse pasture and I counted 12 wild turkeys hanging out with the horses.  I really think they were trying to blend in so no one would notice them.  It must be pretty stressful to be a turkey in November. 

Since the turkey didn’t seem to mind that I was taking his picture I proceeded to follow him.  He stared at me with his one beady eye when I tried to follow him into the woods.

I wasn’t scared.  I kept following.  But then I noticed he gave me his meanest stare down.

So I wasn’t exactly scared, but felt I had invaded his privacy for long enough.  I left him alone and went for my jog.  I was walking up my driveway on my way back, minding my own business and in my own little world, when I looked up and was greeted by that same turkey.  It seems I’ve made a friend.  I wonder if he’ll invite his other 11 friends over.  Maybe they’ll try to blend in with our two dogs.  At least until after Thanksgiving.


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