Je Parle un peu le francais…

I’ve decided to learn French.  Or attempt to learn French.  At least some French.  Maybe enough to order a croissant if I’m ever over in France.

I want to travel to Europe sometime soon so I googled which language was easier….Italian or French.  It was Italian, but since the Italian books were checked out, I went with French. It’s actually been quite fun.  It’s totally overwhelming, but it’s like putting a puzzle together or figuring out a math problem…and those are both things that I like to do. 

You should totally hear me practice if you need a good laugh.  Between my total ineptness in this new language and my above average Southern accent, I sound like I might be special.  And not in the unique, talented way.  In the “I probably shouldn’t be allowed to roam alone in public because I probably would get lost and not find my way home” kind of special.

Actually, I think once I get more proficient in the language, I will probably have created a new language….redneck French.  Maybe it will catch on.


One response to “Je Parle un peu le francais…

  1. TOO FUNNY! I can already hear your french/southern accent in my head. Im so impressed with your go get em attitude, always challenging yourself. YOU GO GIRL! Hey, make sure that you figure out how to say the bathroom FIRST before you travel. Total anxiety issue for me, being somewhere and not being able to ask where the restroom is.

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