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Standard Rules of Play

Today, I told Gabby it was nap time.  She decided that was not a good idea and proceded to pitch a very loud, crying fit.  I ignored her and went about getting things ready for her nap.  Then I realized it was really quiet.  And there was no Gabby in sight.  I looked around and saw an unusually placed blanket on the floor with a very still lump underneath.  Of course, it was Gabby hiding.  First rule of play:  If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

While Gabby was napping the boys were playing some type of imaginary war game complete with planes, cars, trains, space ships, etc.  I heard them talking about their secret, deathly weapon.  You know what is was?  Gabby Gas.  I guess they know it can be quite leathal.  Second rule of play (at least if you are a boy): Any bodily function is funny and is worth including in war games.

While the boys were playing, I listened to their game.  Jay would tell Nate that he had hit the left side of his ship with Nate’s imaginary bullet.  Then there were times where those same imaginary bullets missed the target.  How can they tell?  I mean, the bullets are invisible.  Third rule of play:  There must be lots of explaining while playing imaginary games.

And here’s one of my favorite stories about being at the playground.  I was watching Nate and Gabby playing at the playground.  There were also four older boys playing.  They were probably around 9 or so and were playing the usual chase, shoot em up boy games.  Natie had been watching them and when one of them passed by, he pointed his finger gun at him and said, “Freeze you with my freeze ray!”  The boy stopped in his tracks and gave Nate the most confused look.  Then he turned and yelled down to his friends, “Time out.  This little guy just froze me and I have to wait until he unfreezes me!”  Last rule of play:  All imaginary rules apply to everyone.


To Kill A Mockingbird

I’m finishing up the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  I have read it a couple of times before, but it’s been a few years ago.  The last time I read it was before I had kids so it’s been at least eight years ago.  I have always loved the book.  The descriptions of the weather and scenery are so spot on that I can feel myself sleeping on the back porch in the middle of a hot summer night.  It brings back memories of lazy days of summer and childhood adventures. 

But this time reading it has opened up a whole new view.  I now relate more to Atticus than to Scout and Jem.  I’m the parent now….not the kid.  I’m the one making decisions for my children and wishing them tons of SAFE childhood adventures. 

It seems that not so long ago, I was the kid.  Now I’m the mom.  Times change fast and sometimes it takes reading an old familiar book to realize just how much life is changing and has changed. 

I certainly wouldn’t want time to stand still.  Although I must admit that right now sure is a great time.  But I love the excitement of change and growing and evolving.  The only thing I hope for is that I am aware of just how wonderful the moment is.  And just how fleeting. 

My wish is that each of my days feels like a childhood adventure.

Directions from Japan to China

Go to  Click on get directions.  Type in from Japan to China.  Check out #43.  I’m not sure if that’s how I would get there, but that’s just me. 

Thanks Becky for pointing this out.  Too funny.

Our Pet Turkey

I walked out of my back door to go jogging yesterday and this is what I saw:

We have wild turkeys in our neighborhood.  I see them pretty regularly this time of year.  I think they might be trying to lay low since Thanksgiving is coming up.  Probably think that hanging out in backyards is less dangerous.  I swear the other day I was jogging and I looked into the horse pasture and I counted 12 wild turkeys hanging out with the horses.  I really think they were trying to blend in so no one would notice them.  It must be pretty stressful to be a turkey in November. 

Since the turkey didn’t seem to mind that I was taking his picture I proceeded to follow him.  He stared at me with his one beady eye when I tried to follow him into the woods.

I wasn’t scared.  I kept following.  But then I noticed he gave me his meanest stare down.

So I wasn’t exactly scared, but felt I had invaded his privacy for long enough.  I left him alone and went for my jog.  I was walking up my driveway on my way back, minding my own business and in my own little world, when I looked up and was greeted by that same turkey.  It seems I’ve made a friend.  I wonder if he’ll invite his other 11 friends over.  Maybe they’ll try to blend in with our two dogs.  At least until after Thanksgiving.

Je Parle un peu le francais…

I’ve decided to learn French.  Or attempt to learn French.  At least some French.  Maybe enough to order a croissant if I’m ever over in France.

I want to travel to Europe sometime soon so I googled which language was easier….Italian or French.  It was Italian, but since the Italian books were checked out, I went with French. It’s actually been quite fun.  It’s totally overwhelming, but it’s like putting a puzzle together or figuring out a math problem…and those are both things that I like to do. 

You should totally hear me practice if you need a good laugh.  Between my total ineptness in this new language and my above average Southern accent, I sound like I might be special.  And not in the unique, talented way.  In the “I probably shouldn’t be allowed to roam alone in public because I probably would get lost and not find my way home” kind of special.

Actually, I think once I get more proficient in the language, I will probably have created a new language….redneck French.  Maybe it will catch on.

Like Mother Like Daughter

So I’ve been out of the loop for a few days.  We went on a mini vacation and then I’ve been a little under the weather.  I can’t wait to share Halloween pictures and vacation pix, but it will have to wait until I get around to looking through them. 

But I have to share a story about Gabby.  Sam and I had watched some show that was showing how similar the mom and daughter were in attitudes and behaviors.  Sam looked at me and said that was the case with me and Gabby.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I mean, Gabby is nicknamed skitz because her moods change so suddenly.  One minute she’s all hugs and kisses and love and the next minute she’s screaming because she’s decided that she doesn’t like the shoes she has on.  How is that like me?!?!

Sam tried to tie it all together for me.  Sam gave Gabby her lunch on an cute little ice cream shaped plate.  She politely said thank you and then looked down at the plate and realized it wasn’t pink.  She quickly turned angry and screamed, “WANT THE PINK ONE!!”  Sam explained that it was being washed and she reluctantly ate off the blue one.

Again, I wondered how this was remotely like me.  Until Sam reminded me that earlier that day I had not liked the green plate that my lunch was on and refused to drink my hot chocolate out of the cup that was given to me.  I guess he has a point.  Now, I’m off to change shirts because the color is beginning to bother me.