Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the Kids Happy and Busy

These are a few ideas that I use when the kids and I are home.  They make for good rainy day activities or just activities to keep them busy while you try to get some work done. 

1.  Buy some bags of dry beans.  Put them in a tupperware container with some small toys, spoons, cups, etc.  Pull out an old sheet and put the tupperware container on it and let the kids play.  You can hide the toys inside the container for them to find and let them do it.  My kids also loved spooning them out into other small containers. 

2.  Buy bags of dry pasta and put them into a container.  Let the kids play in the kitchen while you cook or clean.  Give them some kitchen utensils (preferably not anything sharp or dangerous), pots, pans, etc.  They can pretend cook while you do it for real.

3.  Make different flavors of pudding.  Lay out some wax paper and let the kids finger paint in the pudding.  You can also paint on paper plates.  Plus, it’s a snack too!

4.  Give the kids a spray bottle of water and a towel and let them spot clean the floors.  Make sure they wear socks so they don’t slip down.  I love this activity because it keeps me from having to mop as often.

5.  Make a recipe like this one: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eggless-Peanut-Butter-Cookies/Detail.aspx.  Give the kids cookie cutters and rolling pins to play with.  They can make their own cookie cut outs and you can cook them. (Note:  Hollie, if you read this, I just remembered I have some of your cookie cutters….will be returning them soon. 🙂 )

6.  If all else fails, dump over a toy box.  Usually, there are all kind of little goodies at the bottom that the kids have forgotten about.  It’s like new toys to them.


One response to “Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the Kids Happy and Busy

  1. Okay, you got me! I LOL’d at the cookie cutter thing. Girl, I don’t care! If I need em, I know where they are. Great ideas. Im DEFINITELY going to have to use them. :O)

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