Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treat is next Thursday here so I have been asking the kids what they want to be for Halloween.  Fortunately, my kids are pretty easy to please.  Natie wants to be Batman for the third year in a row.  The costume still fits so that was really easy.  Jay didn’t care what he was as long as I bought him a play gun to go with it.  A trip to Walmart was all it took to get his costume ready.  Gabby Jules wants to be a Balla-weenie (code for ballerina).  I have a hobby of making tutus so I grabbed one of those out of the closet and whamo…she’s a ballaweenie!!  So now we are ready for Halloween.

Here’s Gabby Jules with her tutu on.  She also has butterfly wings on and she’s holding a cell phone.  She also requested a play knife as well.  I’m not really sure what kind of ballaweenie that makes her, but I think she can pull it off.

Here’s Nate with his batman costume on….and a bike helmet.  You may think he must be going for a bike ride, but you would be mistaken.  He just thought Batman should wear one. 

Bring on Halloween…we are ready.  Sugar high here we come!!


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