Monkey Park

We have visited Monkey Park a few times so far this fall.  I’m not really sure why it’s called Monkey Park, but it’s a really neat park to visit.  There are different play areas for all ages, a train ride, a covered bridge, trails, and it’s laid out so you can see the whole park at one time.  This comes in handy with three kids….I like being able to see them all even if they are across the park.

Here’s Natie hanging on for dear life.  He is my little dare devil.  He has always wanted to climb and jump the highest. 

Here’s Jay with his tattoo.  We had participated in the Autism Walk earlier in the day and he got this tattoo while he was there.

Gabby got her face painted while we were at the Walk.  She didn’t care what they painted on her as long as it was pink.

Here she is going down the slide at the park.

Nate pushed Gabby in the baby swing.  You may think, “Aw, how sweet.  He’s pushing his baby sister.”  But in reality, he was trying to see if he could push her into the steel pole beside the swing. 

Jay and Nate like to compete to see who can swing the highest.  Nate wasn’t playing fair because he enlisted the help of the guy behind him.  I think Jay still won though.

Here they are sitting on the rocks along the creek.  Why is it impossible to get three children to look at the camera at the same time?

It’s always so much fun to see them play.  And to hear them complain about having to pose for a picture.  I can’t convince them that childhood doesn’t last forever and one day they’ll be happy there are pictures to remind them of this special time.

And it really is such a special time.


One response to “Monkey Park

  1. Precious babies, all three! Its called the Monkey Park because there used to be monkeys housed there. Sort of like a Mini-Zoo. Those days are long gone, and now, its just a fun place to hang out! Did ya’ll ride the train? its our fav!

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