I didn’t feel right blogging about my dogs and not including my sweet dog Tucker.  He’s been gone for almost three years now, but I still miss him.  I got him before I met my husband.  Tucker didn’t like him and would bark and jump between us when we first started dating.  He was just a little fur ball, but he didn’t know it.  He would run with the horses like he thought he was one.  Before he was even a year old, he got ran over.  He spent over a week at the vet and he was never really the same dog after that.  He was pretty skittish, but still spunky as ever. 

When he was about eight, he started going blind.  Very quickly he lost his eye sight.  It was terribly sad to watch him fumble around.  We debated putting him to sleep because we didn’t want him to be unhappy and scared.  But he showed us.  Within a week he was back to his spunky self.  Our other two dogs helped lead him around.  Before long he was getting around like normal.  We had to be careful about leaving bikes, wagons, and cars in different places because Tucker would run like the wind when he heard something exciting and would slam right into whatever was in his way.  But he would just shake it off and keep running. 

Tucker taught me a lot.  I used to feel sad and sorry for people and animals living with disabilities.  How sad that they have to live a life that wasn’t normal.  But Tucker reminded me that God doesn’t make mistakes.  People and animals with disabilities lead a life just as normal as those without them…just more extra-ordinary.  They get to view the world through a different lens, but not a worse lens.  God makes us all with our own uniqueness, our own life to lead.  Tucker taught me that life is a gift no matter what we see as our obstacles.  He showed me that any obstacle can be overcome.  He just didn’t know there was another option.  He didn’t know there was an option to feel sorry for himself.  So he didn’t.  And that’s a lesson I needed to learn.


One response to “Tucker

  1. Nice to meet another dog lover! And how sweet of you to include Tucker in your remembrances–I love the fact that he didn’t let his blindness slow him down. Sounds like he had plenty of spunk!!


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