My Four Legged Friends

We have two dogs, Aspen and Kingsley.  Aspen is 10 and Kingsley is 9. 

We adopted Aspen from the Humane Society.   She looked like a sad little rat when we got her.  Someone had found her in a dumpster along with all her brothers and sisters.  She is really too smart to be a dog.  Years ago we bought one of those invisible fences to keep her inside the fenced yard.  Within a week, she somehow took the collar off and hid it….we never found it.  She could find ways to get out of the fence and my husband and I could not figure it out.  I don’t know whether to imply that our dog is really smart or that her owners might be slightly intellectually challenged (that means kinda dumb for anyone out there who might be intellectually challenged too).  We’ll go with Aspen is really smart.

We adopted Kingsley from a local vet.  To be honest I wasn’t really hyped up about another dog.  But my husband really wanted him so I reluctantly gave in.  I’m glad he talked me into it.  Kingsley is fun to have around even though he’s quite intellectually challenged.  He can’t figure out that when the front door is open, it leads to the same outside as the back door.  And no amount of coaxing will convince him otherwise.  He’ll cry at the back door to be let out even though the front door is wide open.  Same applies to coming back in.  He scratches at the back door to come in even though he can see through the back door that the front door is open. 

Before we had kids, our dogs were our kids.  They slept with us, laid on the couch with us…well, they did everything with us.  When we had our first child, they were demoted to just being dogs.  They actually took this demotion quite well and seemed more than happy to take on the role of dog and protector of small little human.  It worked out pretty well.

Lately, I’ve been getting puppy fever.  I want a new puppy to cuddle and play with.  Then I think about house training.  And all the night whining.  And how puppies think everything is a chew toy.  So, I realized  I don’t really want a new puppy.  And then I realized I already have two house trained, lazy, old puppies.  So I have a new pet project (get it….pet project).  I am treating my old dogs like new puppies.  I torture them with lots of attention, baths, and even dress up.  Don’t they look so happy to have all this new found attention?


2 responses to “My Four Legged Friends

  1. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! Where is Kingsley’s half a tennis ball? It would truly complete the new ensemble. I like this idea. When I read you were thinking about a puppy, my first thought was,”Are you CRAZY?!!” Then a huge sigh of relief when I read further. I like your new “pet project”. Its inspiring me to do a lil sumthin special for our mutts!

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