A Wonderful View

I walk or jog everyday.  Sometimes I walk my neighborhood and sometimes I climb a fence and walk a pasture to get to this beautiful dirt road.  This particular dirt road is beautiful any time of year.  But right now it is downright breathtaking.  The pictures can’t even begin to describe the many green pastures, tiny creeks, and beautiful landscapes that are on this road.  And it certainly can’t convey the sound of the birds chirping and the cool breeze blowing, but here’s a few of the view on my daily jog.

This is the view behind my yard, just after I hopped a fence.  The fields go on for miles. 


I cross and old bridge to get over this little creek. 


I love this tree.  It’s all alone in the middle of a field.  Do you think trees get lonely?



I have no idea what this is.  Any ideas?


Here’s a beautiful horse that I spotted.


Then she spotted me.


She got a little bit shy.


Her friend showed up.  He seemed happy to pose for me.


He convinced her to join in on a close-up.  I bet they are best of friends.


3 responses to “A Wonderful View

  1. Wow! What an amazing backyard you have and a great place for a walk or run! The pictures of the horses are so beautiful, they really do look like best of friends! That comes through! I also like the picture of the lonely tree!

    • We have a wonderful view. We used to live in a neighborhood where all the houses were very close together and it is so nice to have some privacy and space to run around. We have lots of horses nearby, none of them are ours. Which to me is the best of both worlds….I get to enjoy seeing them and feeding them snacks, but don’t have to take care of them!

  2. Beautiful post! The pictures are wonderful. Almost makes me want to take a jog… oh wait a minute… never mind! My allergies are flaring up, you know, my allergies to exercise! :O)

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