The Circus….and I mean that literally

I went to the circus today.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been.  I think I know why.  First, why isn’t it illegal to have wild animals caged up and made to perform degrading acts in front of an audience of tamed animals…you know…us humans?  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there is some reason that those tigers and elephants are better off in the circus than wherever they were before, but I guess I just can’t see it.  Anyway, I didn’t like the animal acts, but my kids thought it was cool. 

Secondly, who thought up the idea of catapulting themselves into the air to do a few twirls before landing in a chair on a stick?  OK, it was entertaining, but still sorta weird.  But I did have a few laughs over the men in sparkly tights and the women that were dressed like majorettes from the 80’s….big, teased hair and sequined bathing suits that showed their butt cheeks.  I’m probably just jealous.  I am old and I can’t show off my butt cheeks anymore.  Or ever. 

We did love the popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels, and snow cones.  Yes, we ate all of that.  Don’t judge me.  But the best part about the circus was spending the day with my three wonderful and rowdy butterbeans and my very sweet mother-in-law.  I smiled every time they smiled.  I cheered when they cheered.  It was a day of making memories.  Who could ask for more?


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