Why my kids won’t give me my pain meds when I’m old

I have a stash of pictures I’ve taken of the kids that I’ve labeled “In case of need to blackmail my kids into submission”.  When I took the pictures, it was just because I thought they were absolutely adorable.  Now, I see that they may come in handy when they are  a little older.

Isn’t he sweet in his red rollers.  He wanted to be like his mommy.  Although I’m not sure I ever used these.  But anyway.  Do you think his girlfriend will appreciate the cuteness of this?

And here my oldest is trying to figure out the proper way to wear his Spongebob undies.  He probably learned this from watching Spongebob.  Note to self…quit letting my kids watch Spongebob.  But he did learn the proper way to wear them so I guess a little Spongebob is OK.

This is my oldest at his preschool Thanksgiving skit.  What a proper pilgrim.  I was so proud. 

Here’s my baby boy sporting my black heels.  He loved those heels.  He taught his sister how to wear them.  I think he could walk just as good in heels as his sneakers. 

My same baby boy having a pretty bad hair day.  And it looks like he might have spilled most of his food on his shirt.  But look at those cheeks.  Couldn’t you just squeeze them?  I still do everyday. Even though he’s in kindergarten now.  Maybe that’s another reason I won’t get my meds when I’m older.

And this is what my baby boy thinks of me showing these pictures.  He’s got attitude already.  I have no idea where he gets it.


One response to “Why my kids won’t give me my pain meds when I’m old

  1. PRICELESS! I LOVE IT!! Im going to start my file, right NOW! ;o)

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