Rules of the playground

My second grade son came home from school today and told me about a kid in his class that pushed him down during PE. He said kids laughed at him. I remember when this same 2nd grader was just a toddler on the playground and some other kid came over and pushed him. I had never had any desire to smack a child until that day, but I wanted to so badly. I wanted to do anything to avenge my toddler’s hurt. Or my 2nd grader’s. As a mom, I want to shelter my children from any type of pain…physical, mental, emotional. I know this isn’t possible or even good for them. They have to learn to cope and deal with situations that aren’t fun. I know rationally, that all this is just a part of growing up. But my heart hurts each time my child cries because of some kid’s mean words or actions. And rationally, I also know that these “mean” kids probably aren’t that mean. They are just being kids. More than likely my kids have probably been described as “mean” by someone else’s kids. Or maybe not. I’m pretty sure the kids that hurt my babies are horrible beings…but I’m also pretty sure that’s not my rational side talking. Being a kid is hard. Being a mom is hard. Being is hard. Maybe one day I’ll have enough coping skills to not take it so hard when my babies get hurt. But I’m not sure there are enough skills to over ride my mothering instincts to keep my children safe and happy. The funny thing is that my son spent about 15 minutes telling me about his day. Now, he is laughing and playing with his brother and sister. Me, on the other hand, still feel like finding a certain little boy and explaining the rules at the playground. Maybe I need to learn some coping skills from my kids.


One response to “Rules of the playground

  1. You are a stronger Mom than I am… I want to go hunt this bully down!!

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