The scenes around my hometown

I live in Auburn, Alabama.  Home of the Auburn Tigers.  War Eagle!  It’s big enough to have some variety, but small enough to have a neighborhood feel.  Of course, it seems pretty big to me but that’s just because I grew up in a community who’s biggest landmarks were a caution light and a general store.  It’s a crazy place to live on Saturdays during the fall.  But it’s tons of fun too.  And it really is a pretty place. Here’s the proof:

        One of the most famous places in town….Toomer’s Corner.  Toomer’s Drugs has been around for over 150 years.

This is a picture of downtown Auburn around Christmas time.

This is in front of Samford Hall at twilight.

Railroad in Opelika, Alabama.

Shops in Downtown Opelika. 

Magnolia Avenue in Auburn.

I’ve been here since 1997 when I started college at Auburn University.  I didn’t expect to stay after graduating, but I met my husband and we found this to be the ideal place to raise our three kids.  You should definitely stop by if you are ever around these parts.  If you do visit, make sure to get a lemonade from Toomer’s Drugs on Toomer’s Corner.


2 responses to “The scenes around my hometown

  1. WOW, these photos are fantastic!

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