Bucket List..or maybe more like Tiny Pail List

A few months ago while I was kinda down about getting older, I decided to start journaling again.  I got out an old journal notebook and started to write.  Then I flipped back to see some previous entries and came across something quite amazing.  It was a short bucket list from about 5 years ago.  Here’s what it was:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Sell a photograph/start a photography business
  3. Learn to decorate cakes
  4. Join Toastmasters
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Give blood
  7. Travel to another country
  8. Parasail

The thing is I hadn’t thought about this list in years.  I didn’t even remember that it existed until I found it.  But I’ve done all but two of them.  I’ve been skydiving.  I started my own photography business.  I learned to decorate cakes because I had a dog treat business for a while (I’m definitely not a professional, but I can hold my own).  I joined Toastmasters and gave a speech.  I gave blood for the first time and didn’t pass out.  And I went parasailing.  Not a bad start to a bucket list I didn’t remember existed.  I know this list isn’t long and for some of you might seem insignificant, but for me it was important. I guess it made me realize how much I am accomplishing in my life….day by day.  I’m taking risks and crossing things off my bucket list.  I am not stagnant…even though sometimes it feels that way.   So I am ready to make another bucket list….much longer and filled with everything I can think of that I want to do.  Then I’m going to try to forget about it for 5 years and hope that 75% is done when I find it again.


2 responses to “Bucket List..or maybe more like Tiny Pail List

  1. I made my first bucket list about 11 years ago when I was 16. I rediscovered it while I was packing some of my stuff away. It was neat to be able to look at the goals I set for myself then and know that I’ve accomplished quite a few of them. After I found my list, I added to it and created a blog centered around it. My list is over 300 items now, I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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