Monthly Archives: September 2010

A Wonderful View

I walk or jog everyday.  Sometimes I walk my neighborhood and sometimes I climb a fence and walk a pasture to get to this beautiful dirt road.  This particular dirt road is beautiful any time of year.  But right now it is downright breathtaking.  The pictures can’t even begin to describe the many green pastures, tiny creeks, and beautiful landscapes that are on this road.  And it certainly can’t convey the sound of the birds chirping and the cool breeze blowing, but here’s a few of the view on my daily jog.

This is the view behind my yard, just after I hopped a fence.  The fields go on for miles. 


I cross and old bridge to get over this little creek. 


I love this tree.  It’s all alone in the middle of a field.  Do you think trees get lonely?



I have no idea what this is.  Any ideas?


Here’s a beautiful horse that I spotted.


Then she spotted me.


She got a little bit shy.


Her friend showed up.  He seemed happy to pose for me.


He convinced her to join in on a close-up.  I bet they are best of friends.


Fall is in the air

I love this time of year.  When the air is breezy, the temperature is below 90 degrees, and the sky is a beautiful blue.  It reminds me of fall festivals and county fairs when I was growing up. 

The kids and I have enjoyed an afternoon of hide and seek, freeze tag, and relay races.  I even got my father in law in on it.  He’s a pretty good hider and not a bad seeker.   My husband accused me of not playing fair so he got in on it too just to help the boys get even with their mom.  My oldest son is too sharp for my attempts at distraction….yelling, “Look, there’s candy over there!” doesn’t work anymore.  And let me tell you the hardest part about freeze tag is trying to get my two year old to unfreeze me.  She kept standing there yelling at me to go put her on the swing and I kept trying to convince her that I would be happy to as soon as she touched me so that I would be unfrozen.  Everyone knows that the rules of the playground are always to be followed. 

I’m so thankful for my kids.  They allow me to have a second childhood.  Because one is never enough.  Life is good.

Starting the week with a quote

I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.

Vince Lombardi

I’ve heard of a thing called quiet, but I haven’t experienced it in a little over 8 years.

My parents came to visit today.  It’s always a quick visit, but it’s nice to see them.  I can understand why it’s always a short visit.  I’m pretty sure three hours is about the most they can take of my loud house.  I really do pity those who come to visit me.  At least those that have no kids….or only have one….or two….or three that don’t act like they are on crack.  Because it must be like some sort of torture.  I’m pretty sure the government could actually use my house as a means to get the enemy to talk.  Like sleep deprivation or something.  Just send the enemies to me and I’ll have them begging for mercy. 

I’m sitting across from my parents.  We’re maybe about a foot away from each other and we can barely hear each other because my kids are playing some “let’s see how long we can sit on each other before it hurts” about two rooms over in their playroom.  Then we see the oldest and youngest dragging my middle child by the feet across the room while they are all laughing.  Until they make an error getting him into the doorway and he gets smacked by the door frame.  He’s OK though.  He’s been through worse. 

Then there’s my sweet baby who comes sliding down the stairs on her tush screaming, “Wee!”  just like on the Geico commercial with the little pig.  And my youngest boy who decides to put his pants on his head and his shirt on as pants.  And my oldest who decides to see how many shirts he can put on under his regular shirt. 

It’s a real live circus at my house.  The funniest thing about it is that just a few years ago…about eight to be exact, I rolled my eyes at parents whose kids made noise in a restaurant.  I thought kids that made noise were spoiled and needed parents that could control their children.  But then I became a mom.  I don’t want kids that are quiet all the time.  I want them to enjoy being a kid.  It goes too fast any way.  Let’s scream and yell and play like there is no tomorrow.  One day my house will be quiet.  Those sweet loud children will have grown up and had sweet loud children of their own.  And I’ll reminisce about my loud torture chamber of a house and I’ll realize it was pure bliss.

Times are changing…way too fast

Eight years ago today, my life changed.  I became a mom. 

This is how my sweet little boy loved to sleep.  I think that’s how he was in my tummy. 

He has always been an inquisitive little being.  Thoughtful, yet playful.  He loved his little footy pajamas.   He wore them until he was almost 4.  There is nothing cuter than footy pajamas.

Here he is on his first day of preschool when he was 3.  He ran in and never looked back.

Here he is after just turning 4.  Look at those curls.  Look at that smile.  He melts my heart on a daily basis.

He enjoys the little pleasures.

He plays by his own rules.

And today he turns 8.  Happy birthday to my oldest.  You will always be my baby no matter how old you get.

Roughing it

My oldest is in cub scouts this year.  He’s a wolf.  He seems to like it and he’s learning some really important life skills.  Just yesterday, he practiced walking backwards on a balance beam while being sprayed by a water hose.  I mean, who doesn’t need to know that? 

Next month, there’s a weekend camping trip for the cub scouts.  Is it still considered camping if we stay in a cabin?  Because I think we will be staying in one.  I can just hear my 5 year old telling all his friends about going camping and having to rough it.  It would go something like this: “I went camping this weekend and it was rough.  I cuddled up in my king size bed and went to watch TV and realized we didn’t have DVR?!!?  Can you imagine?”

But seriously, it’s really a necessity to stay in a cabin.  I have a 2 year old little girl and I just can’t imagine getting her to nap or sleep on the ground.  So, there.  That’s a pretty good reason, isn’t it?  It has nothing to do with my love of air conditioning and a nice comfy bed.  Not to mention a bathroom close by. 

I have a feeling we won’t be the only ones in the cabins.  Maybe we can all carpool to the campsite.  I mean, who really wants to walk that far?

The Circus….and I mean that literally

I went to the circus today.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been.  I think I know why.  First, why isn’t it illegal to have wild animals caged up and made to perform degrading acts in front of an audience of tamed animals…you know…us humans?  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe there is some reason that those tigers and elephants are better off in the circus than wherever they were before, but I guess I just can’t see it.  Anyway, I didn’t like the animal acts, but my kids thought it was cool. 

Secondly, who thought up the idea of catapulting themselves into the air to do a few twirls before landing in a chair on a stick?  OK, it was entertaining, but still sorta weird.  But I did have a few laughs over the men in sparkly tights and the women that were dressed like majorettes from the 80’s….big, teased hair and sequined bathing suits that showed their butt cheeks.  I’m probably just jealous.  I am old and I can’t show off my butt cheeks anymore.  Or ever. 

We did love the popcorn, cotton candy, pretzels, and snow cones.  Yes, we ate all of that.  Don’t judge me.  But the best part about the circus was spending the day with my three wonderful and rowdy butterbeans and my very sweet mother-in-law.  I smiled every time they smiled.  I cheered when they cheered.  It was a day of making memories.  Who could ask for more?